Aug 13, 2023

Strange New Worlds Really Needs to Fix Some Things

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When Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck first showed up on Star Trek: Discovery, my first thought was, "They need their own show. They need their own show NOW."

It wasn't just the perfect casting and chemistry of the actors, it was the simple fact that I always like Jeffrey Hunter (the original Captain Christopher Pike) better than William Shatner, and like many fans, I spent years wishing we'd gotten to see his story play out. Decades later, we finally got our wish.

But did we though...?

Aug 12, 2023

Suddenly Shipping Scotty and Uhura

Listen, when the Scotty/Uhura relationship was revealed in The Final Frontier, I was annoyed. As far I was concerned, that Uhura was supposed to end up with Spock, not randomly thrown with Montgomery Scott, who was destined to suddenly disappear and then reappear years later in the TNG episode "Relics" (like seriously, was there a novel about this? Were he and Uhura still together, and if so, how did she handle the loss?).

But then...this week's SNW Season 2 finale revealed 29-year-old Scottish actor Martin Quinn as the new Scotty and it got me thinking.