Feb 12, 2023

Shipping Claire and Isaac of The Orville

So I recently became a huge Orville fan. I spent years putting off watching the show despite people telling me over and over again that as a Trekkie, I would absolutely love it. I think I originally had the wrong impression of the show; I thought was going to be a super-goofy parody and I wasn't ready for that. I kept waiting for the new wave of Trek shows to just give me what I wanted: 1990s Star Trek, but with better special effects.

After Strange New Worlds restored my faith in modern Trek, I decided to give Orville a try. It was not at all what I expected. First starters, the studio spared no expense when it came to the budget. So everything from the set, to the lighting, to the special effects is nothing short of astounding (now if they would just do something about those Tyler Perry wigs...).