May 28, 2022

Star Trek is BACK!!!

Celia Rose Gooding
You know how some people don't like to say "I told you so"? *shakes head* Not Trekkies.

Episodic, non-vulgar storytelling about humanity working towards the best version of itself is the blood and bone of Star Trek. And...*shrug*...we told you so.

I would have said something sooner, but I really wanted to make sure Star Trek: Strange New Worlds didn't disappoint. Four episodes in--with a really entertaining sneak peek at Episode 5--and it hasn't.

I have seen mostly rave reviews from die-hard fans, myself included. What I find amusing, however, is the surprise from critics that Gene Roddenberry's original style of storytelling still holds strong to this day, over half a century later.

I don't understand why it's so surprising, though. After all, the older the form of storytelling, the longer it seems to endure.

Beginning with the 2009 reboot (which I choose to no longer acknowledge), some people were upset that we went back into the past, and at first, I was too. After the infuriating way Voyager ended, and the abomination that was Enterprise we should've just picked up where Janeway and her crew left off.