The First Ones


The First Ones is a fan-fixtion inspired by a really shitty episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It takes place 35 years after the episode (and is currently just a thought).

The House of Yareena

Karole Selmon as Yareena

Yareena is First One of the Ligonian Matriarchy. Her house is the primary ruling family of the planet Ligon II.

Nana Mensah as Serynna

Serynna is Yareena's only child, heir apparent, and Minister of Finance.

Adjoa Andoh as Kyereen

Kyereen is Yareena's sister, Second One of the Ligonian Matriarchy, and Chief Military Councilor.

Chris Yamez as Khagan

Khagan is Kyereen's son, and Serynna's first cousin. He's also assistant to Serynna.

Jodie Turner-Smith as Nakara

Nakara is the Chief Guard of the First One. She heads a team that protects Yareena and her family.

The House of Taryn

Laci Mosley as Taryn

Taryn is the only living member of her family, and a distant cousin to Yareena.

Chandra Wilson as Maleen

Maleen is Taryn's adoptive mother. She's also Third One of the Ligonian Matriarchy and Minister of Foreign Relations.

Miatta Lebile as Akeena

Akeena is a Guard of the First One, assigned to protect Taryn.

Robin Thede as Heris

Heris is Maleen's assistant.

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