Gaya's Astronomy

I decided to reboot Gaya's Astronomy, a science fanfiction set in the Star Trek universe.  A play on Grey's AnatomyGaya's Astronomy follows the careers and personal lives a few young Ensigns newly graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Note: For those of you who've read the original, you'll find this is vastly different. Different names, different dream cast, fewer chapters, characters revised, different setting, and a lot of stuff deleted. That's because the original stubbornly followed Grey's Anatomy, even going so far as to match the initials of the characters' names.

But since the overarching Gaya story eventually ended up so far removed from Grey's Anatomy, a rewrite of Volume One was in order.

Yasmin Benoit as Gaya Morana

Ensign Gaya Morana (first name Morana, last name "Gaya") is Bajoran who joined Starfleet to flee her home.

Jaz Sinclair as Shondrelle Marlowe

Ensign Shondrelle "Drelle" Marlowe is a Human who was raised on Risa.

Tati Gabrielle as Sillia Rix

Ensign Sillia Rix is a highly driven women descended from a long line of joined Trill.

Tiya Sircar as Sohini Ghoshal

Nicknamed the "Borg Queen", Lieutenant Ghoshal is assigned to train new Ensigns.

Denee Benton as Calandra Tria

Lt. Calandra Tria is a Betazoid training to become a ship's counselor.

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