Where the Shadows Dwell

Where the Shadows Dwell is inspired by the mood and style of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and takes place immediately after the Dominion War.

Kat Graham as Major N'Tal* Aiyar

N'Tal is an agent of the Tal Shiar.

Jasmine Guy as Komera Aiyar

Komera is N'Tal's mother and the Romulan Ambassador newly assigned to Bajor.

Persia White as Commander Zithi Aiyar

Zithi is Komera's oldest daughter and N'Tal's half-sister. She commands the warbird Ankor.

Natashia Williams as Dr. Ziryn Aiyar

Ziryn is Komera's second oldest daughter and N'Tal's half-sister as well. She's a scientist recently transferred to the Bajoran-owned, Federation-run station Deep Space 9.

Darwyn Carson as Colonel R'Mora

Darwyn Carson makes a special appearance as one of the higher ranking members of the Tal Shiar.

*When I first started writing Trek fic on my original fanfic blog, I wrote a series of vignettes about N'Tal. She was originally intended to be the Darwyn Carson character, and I initially dream cast her as Nia Long (back in the day, Carson was mistaken for Long in this role).

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