Nov 9, 2019

Gaya's Astronomy

Gaya's Astronomy is a sci-fi fanfic blog. The name comes from a Star Trek fanfic I did (on another blog, under another name); it's a play on the TV show title Grey's Anatomy. Instead of surgical interns, my story featured Ensigns in Starfleet.

Something you should know: when writing Star Trek fanfiction, I'm unapologetically stuck in the Nineties, because I feel the 21st Century - ironically - has yet to do right by the franchise.

From the latter years of Voyager to the launching of Enterprise, to those underwhelming reboot films, to all the missed opportunities on Discovery, and even to Picard...I have been consistently let down. I often refer to the Nineties as the "Golden Age" of Star Trek because the quality of the writing, casting, and acting reached a zenith that has yet to be matched.

Soooo...what does that mean for this blog? It means I'm writing in the prime timeline in which Romulus does not get destroyed (because why?) and the Klingons don't get a hideous redesign...among other things.

Moving on....

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