Feb 12, 2023

Shipping Claire and Isaac of The Orville

So I recently became a huge Orville fan. I spent years putting off watching the show despite people telling me over and over again that as a Trekkie, I would absolutely love it. I think I originally had the wrong impression of the show; I thought was going to be a super-goofy parody and I wasn't ready for that. I kept waiting for the new wave of Trek shows to just give me what I wanted: 1990s Star Trek, but with better special effects.

After Strange New Worlds restored my faith in modern Trek, I decided to give Orville a try. It was not at all what I expected. First starters, the studio spared no expense when it came to the budget. So everything from the set, to the lighting, to the special effects is nothing short of astounding (now if they would just do something about those Tyler Perry wigs...).

Aug 1, 2022

I Am Not Okay

...but I will be.

While I am so very grateful this character is getting a second chance on TV, I'm still frustrated that Nichelle Nichols, a woman of incomparable grace and beauty, never got to portray Uhura to her full potential. For over a half a century, Nichols and her fans were horribly robbed.

This does not lessen her legacy, of course. She will ALWAYS be the trailblazer, the symbol, and the inspiration. She will always be the original babe of Star Trek. And she will always have deserved so much better.

Rest now, goddess.

May 28, 2022

Star Trek is BACK!!!

Celia Rose Gooding
You know how some people don't like to say "I told you so"? *shakes head* Not Trekkies.

Episodic, non-vulgar storytelling about humanity working towards the best version of itself is the blood and bone of Star Trek. And...*shrug*...we told you so.

I would have said something sooner, but I really wanted to make sure Star Trek: Strange New Worlds didn't disappoint. Four episodes in--with a really entertaining sneak peek at Episode 5--and it hasn't.

I have seen mostly rave reviews from die-hard fans, myself included. What I find amusing, however, is the surprise from critics that Gene Roddenberry's original style of storytelling still holds strong to this day, over half a century later.

I don't understand why it's so surprising, though. After all, the older the form of storytelling, the longer it seems to endure.

Beginning with the 2009 reboot (which I choose to no longer acknowledge), some people were upset that we went back into the past, and at first, I was too. After the infuriating way Voyager ended, and the abomination that was Enterprise we should've just picked up where Janeway and her crew left off.

Aug 23, 2021

The First Ones


The First Ones is a fan-fixtion inspired by a really shitty episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It takes place 35 years after the episode (this a dream cast and is currently just a thought).

Nov 9, 2019

Gaya's Astronomy

Gaya's Astronomy is a sci-fi fanfic blog. The name comes from a Star Trek fanfic I did (on another blog, under another name); it's a play on the TV show title Grey's Anatomy. Instead of surgical interns, my story featured Ensigns in Starfleet.

Something you should know: when writing Star Trek fanfiction, I'm unapologetically stuck in the Nineties, because I feel the 21st Century - ironically - has yet to do right by the franchise.

From the latter years of Voyager to the launching of Enterprise, to those underwhelming reboot films, to all the missed opportunities on Discovery, and even to Picard...I have been consistently let down. I often refer to the Nineties as the "Golden Age" of Star Trek because the quality of the writing, casting, and acting reached a zenith that has yet to be matched.

Soooo...what does that mean for this blog? It means I'm writing in the prime timeline in which Romulus does not get destroyed (because why?) and the Klingons don't get a hideous redesign...among other things.

Moving on....

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